"You Matter" Evaluation

Most people find themselves wondering if this is where they are supposed to be in life. After going through this workbook you may feel content about having reached a place where you are fulfilled or you may find that there are areas in your life you'd like to continue working on.

I can tell you already, we are not too different you and I... You are here, you are someone who is seeking personal fulfillment and you are already on your way. I'm so excited for you!

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I am forever grateful for Charlotte's guidance through a very transitional time. Giving me ideas and helping me find ways to weed out "mental clutter" so I can focus on the things that truly matter, who I want to be, not who I need to be, to prioritize and enjoy what is right in front of me. I look forward continuing to grow and gain clarity -I am already well on my way!

S.L. Laguna Hills, CA, USA