You need creative space to honor YOU!

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I am in the middle of creating a space for myself where I can create, think freely and truly be authentic in my craft, to myself and my surroundings. So this got me thinking about how important it is to have space in which to create and space that matches WHO YOU ARE. I am not only talking about an actual physical space at the moment, but I’m also talking about a mental space, a new way of working. However, for the sake of painting a picture I will use “a space for creativity” as I write and I’d like for you to imagine your ideal space; Mental or physical.

The benefits to having a space for your creativity, for you:

  • You will feel safe and nurtured.
  • You will unfold organically and authentically.
  • You will take risks knowing you have honored it and are committed to it.

How to create a SPACE that honors you:

S – separate it out.

Have a dedicated, separate space for yourself to be with your creativity. Whether its a designated favorite armchair with a side table or truly an office space, room for many employees, the size of the space doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you keep this area sacred and dedicated to your creative work. Get clear about what you need (and want) for your space and how you will use it. This will help you know where to find it. (Do you need water, mirrors, room to move, soundproofing, or a lock on the door?). Having a committed space that honors your medium as well as your creative needs is essential to embracing and owning your creativity. When creating a mental space, it is equally important to be clear on your needs and wants, create space to think, time set aside to be creative, practice your craft etc.

– picture what you want – Don’t limit yourself!

If you could have an ideal space for unleashing your creativity, what would it look and feel like? Envision it fully as though you were using it daily. (That’s the goal…right?) When you go to this space, what do you need it to give to you? How do you want to “be” in this space?Imagine how it is arranged and organized in a way that embodies who you are and what you love. Think freedom. Think passion. Think usability. Think love. Ask yourself: what does your creative space needs to feel like, embody for your work, your comfort, practical needs, and how you are going to use it? Bring your needs front and center and design your space to take care of them. The more you can hone in on what you really want and need, the more you will be able to create it.

– authenticate it.

As you begin to create a vision, check in with yourself on a regular basis. Ask yourself, “Is this really what I want?” …”How will this space become more like ME?”….”When I am in this space, who will I be and what will I create?”….”What about this space feels true and right? What about this space needs to change to become more like me.” The more you verify and authenticate every choice you make for your new space….the more you are creating something that you WILL truly love (and want to be creating in!)

– create a way to start.

If you are looking at your space and don’t know where to begin, just start small. Look at the space as your canvas, composition, or choreography. Once you have a vision of the completed look and feel, you can begin to tackle the blank canvas of your space. What steps will it take for you to create this? Baby steps. What would the first step be to get started and start owning this space for your creative work? Set a timeline for this to be finished, if you don’t, guess what? You will not stay the course. Set mini-deadlines and then …. GO DO IT.

E – everyday use your space.

Even if your space is still “in process”, go ahead and begin to live, work, and create in it. The more you experience and use  your space, the more you will want to show up and  make it your own. Each day, go to your space and do *something*. Even if that is just sitting there and thinking about its purpose, your plan for it, or you unleash some creative shazaam…go there, be there, create there.

Stay tuned for an exciting new program coming up about how you can create the space and time for yourself to gain Clarity, Success and Room for Passion – It’s going to be an in depth “sort things out” kind of a program. Refreshing, fun, soul searching… Rx for most of us! rx

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