Stretch, Grow, Succeed

For being open minded, which I really do believe I am, I judge.

I try not to judge people and I almost always understand where people come from… I stepped out of my comfort zone this summer to find out the story of this guy, sleepwalking the High-line in Manhattan. Having said that, I must admit there is one area where I am quick to judge. I have drawn a conclusion of closed minded people often do not have or like to expand their palates. This is not a waterproof formula, perhaps not even splash proof but I feel it’s pretty solid. You see, I enjoy good food, I embrace it like I embrace life so this is an area of keen observation for me. I am quite harsh in how I judge people according to their likes or dislikes to food… Or rather, theirapproach to new things and new foods. To be specific, It is how they express like or dislike. “Gosh no, I’d NEVER eat that”,  “How interesting, I’d never had it but would love to try” (here I’m ok with you not liking it after you try) or “That sounds fascinating but unfortunately I’m allergic to fried bugs”. I get it it, you don’t like it or loathe the thought of trying but your attitude was open – An open mind, a good attitude and you are set-up to grow and in growth you’ll find your success.


If you are familiar with the 6 human needs, then you may recognize “growth” as an integral part of the human experience. But what does it mean to really grow? And why is it such an important component of living your best and most successful life?

To me, not growing equals dying – not literally of course but I need to feed my mind and soul by learning, understanding, and mastering new things. However, growth doesn’t require massive changes 24/7 — for many of us it’s woven into our daily routine.

Think about it. How do you integrate growth in your life? Good methods of growing can be anything from feeding your mind with books, classes or lectures, or perhaps even just listening to others and to the world around you. Growth can be taking a chance,  a risk, or putting yourself in a situation that may be out of your wheelhouse. It also may be pushing yourself, and trying to find new ways to be a better version of yourself every single day. If you’re a business owner, then maybe it’s finding new strategies or tactics to growing your business or your investments, or maybe it’s learning a new language or skill. It could also be something simple like trying a new kind of food, seeing a different movie than you usually do, or pushing yourself to not settle for the known but to reach, instead, for the unknown.

Growth can come in many forms, but growth creates the most impact when it leads to mastery. We move through three levels of mastery: intellectual, emotional, and physical. We might understand something intellectually, but not have any emotional reaction to it or be able to actually do it. When we do know something at the emotional level, we have an emotional reaction. This is a simple, but powerful model for thinking about stages of mastery.

Repetition is the mother of skill, which is why for so many of us growth is truly addictive. Think of it this way — the more you grow, the more you’re able to master. The more you master, the more you grow. How’s that for a positive feedback cycle? And the more you bring growth into your body, the less you have to think about it.

How do you incorporate growth into your life? Have you made a habit of investing in yourself to grow as a person?  Whether learning a new language, trying a new activity or food, or even attempting a new challenge, making growth a priority – and a habit – will make your life one of dynamic improvement.

If you are struggling in your own growth, reach out and we can talk about how to move you forward, get you unstuck and reach new levels of success!

About Inspiring Result

I am a thought leader who want to live in a world where people feel excited about doing what they choose to do, fulfilled and in a place where there is room to reach the level of success desired; enjoy laughter, loved ones and fulfilling conversations. I am a Success Coach, with close to two decades of experience with a background in traditional counseling, Sport Psychology and a degree in Strategic Interventions from Robbins-Madenas Training Center. I've been applauded for my straight forward, warm approach working with a range of clients from many high profile regulars, organizations to the 'girl next door'. When I'm not immersed in my coaching world I can be found on adventure with my family, in the barn with our horses or burying my toes in the sand. Integrating what I believe in every single area of my life, I do not try to balance the mythical scales so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even. Rather, I trying to understand this: Accurately assessing the nature of [one's] own personalities, sense of self-identity, and the degree of control over work and family lives is crucial to finding satisfaction. Balance is not the goal, a healthy prioritized integration is. My work has been a warm welcome into many busy lives and is offered as a structured one on one program, workshops and educational sessions on a consulting basis, talking about how to successfully identify and reach goals by strategically gaining clarity. Currently I'm passionately working on integrating generations in today's workforce; creating a business culture where talent is retained and can thrive, not only Millennial talent but all talent throughout the organization! As your strategist, I am driven by your results and your success!