The Approach

As your Success and Performance Coach, I use interactive counseling methods, knowledge of human motivation and behavior to create out-of-the-box strategies to reach client-identified goals. The client sets the agenda and success depends on the client’s willingness to take risks and try new approaches to obstacles. The relationship between coach and client is more direct and challenging than the relationship between psychotherapist and client. The coaching relationship is designed to avoid potential power differentials that can occur in a psychotherapy relationship. As an equal, I may ask thought-provoking questions and use eclectic techniques to help move you forward. My coaching approach is directive, intuitive and solution-focused. Together we will find creative solutions to help you actively pursue your goal.


Coaching is not therapy or a medical treatment and in my professional role as a Success and Performance Coach, I am not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological condition. I am not licensed by the state of Connecticut as a healing arts practitioner. This means that if either of us recognizes that you have mental health issues that would greater benefit from psycho-therapeutic and/or psychiatric interventions, I will refer you to appropriate resources.