Everything that we do revolves around our relationships with each other; business, romantic, friendship, social etc. but also the relationship within various areas in our life and we want our relationships to be harmonious, balanced and fulfilling. Same goal for most!

In my work as a Success Coach I do not limit myself to solving a problem in one area as every part of a persons life is connected to every other part, therefore I look at a multitude of angles when working with you.

We are not born knowing how to create healthy, balanced relationships. The relationship skills we first learn come from our parents or primary care-givers, either directly or by observation. And our models for those skills are likely to vary widely between healthy and unhealthy. Our relationships with each other, especially personal or intimate relationships, require an ability to be open, honest and vulnerable.

Most people have not always had a safe place to learn how to be that honest and vulnerable. After some challenging relationship experiences, our natural inclination to protect ourselves builds up and we might find ourselves shrinking back into safe places. We create a shell that protects us from the pain, but also keeps us from experiencing the joy. We create coping mechanisms that ends up preventing us from exploring new and true opportunities of happiness.

There are people who spend their entire lives in that small shell, without ever realizing it. They develop techniques and strategies to cope, but they never learn how to change or let go of relationships that are unhealthy. They never learn how to grow from the pain, and they never realize they can actually create the relationships they want. Many others know they want something different in their relationships, but don’t know what that is or how to find it.The good news is that healthy relationship skills can be learned, and unhealthy relationship patterns can be changed. In a couples situation, what really makes a relationship work is being friends and handling conflict well. Every couple has conflict. It’s how you handle the conflict that makes all the difference in your relationship – How you communicate. Mastering the keys to excellent communication: observe, listen, analyze and plan translates to any type of  relationship be it romantic, professional, family related, etc.

Gearing clients to develop and fine-tune their skills in order to create balanced and fulfilling relationships is the role of a Strategic Interventionist ~ I can help you.