Millennials are changing the very definition of the word “work” – A fundamental shift in the way our economy functions.

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B change

They see themselves as having the power to make choices — and their decision to work in one place or another is about finding value, not just the posh apartment on the East side. They see themselves as independent actors, even when they’re employed.

But it’s not just independence they expect and seek but Meaningful Independence. They want to have the ability to pursue their passions and use their skills to help their local communities, secure in the knowledge that they’re connected to people, groups, and institutions that have their back. Meaningful Independence is also about having the time and energy to engage with the things that matter to you — like your art, your friends, or your family.

Tied in with a Meaningful Independence is the strong sense of purpose. As I mentioned already, Millennials want to see that they are working for a greater purpose – a purpose other than a salary, benefits and creating a profit for shareholders. This is where B Corps fit in beautifully… It’s not just retailers that shall take notice of B Corp certification, it can also be a game changer for consumers and investors. The B Corp, or “For Benefit” corporation, is redefining fiduciary responsibility, governance, ownership and stakeholder relationships in light of an equal increase in stewardship and sustainability obligations by businesses, government and consumers. Millennials also look to businesses to drive innovation and enable progress. They expect business to be good for individuals by offering employment, and to have a positive impact on wider society.

Business, particularly in developed markets, will need to make significant changes to attract and retain the future workforce, especially since only 28 percent of Millennials feel that their current organization is making full use of their skills –  They will not accept just being another chair-filler. Do you have a program in place that integrate this shift so that you do not loose talent but attract even more and produce results greater than ever?

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