Fulfilling our Human Needs to Thrive!

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As humans we all have basic needs that we try to meet in our everyday lives. These needs underline and motivate every single choice we make. When identifying the top two human needs you value most you will discover what drives you. You can more easily understand your past decisions as well as be more proactive in the decisions you make going forward.

  • Certainty – The need to avoid pain and achieve comfort
  • Variety / Uncertainty – The need for challenge, excitement and stimulation
  • Significance – The need to feel unique, special, needed and worthy of attention
  • Connection / Love – The need for connection with others
  • Growth – The need to grow and develop
  • Contribution – The need to contribute to that which is beyond you

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we will try to fulfill the needs which are most important to us. However, our quality of life can be affected by how we choose to do that. We can try to fulfill our needs either in a negative and harmful way, or in a positive and empowering way. If the way we try to meet those needs is not in line with our values then we will experience conflict and discontent.

When we are able to align our needs with our highest values then we will feel more complete and fulfilled ~ In this state we can truly thrive as human beings, as a parent, lover, friend, colleague, entrepreneur, you name it!


To achieve this we have to work through the barriers and underlying beliefs that hold us back. The process can be facilitated and accelerated when we identify and connect with the source of our inner strength. Everyone has that inner strength and the way in which we connect to it is unique to each of us. When we discover our personal way of connecting with it we have access to a continuous source of power. Regularly drawing on this power source, and at the same time finding how we can harmonize our behavior with our values and our needs, leads to sustained and long-term growth. Through the process we can start to embody our best self .

About Inspiring Result

I am a thought leader who want to live in a world where people feel excited about doing what they choose to do, fulfilled and in a place where there is room to reach the level of success desired; enjoy laughter, loved ones and fulfilling conversations. I am a Success Coach, with close to two decades of experience with a background in traditional counseling, Sport Psychology and a degree in Strategic Interventions from Robbins-Madenas Training Center. I've been applauded for my straight forward, warm approach working with a range of clients from many high profile regulars, organizations to the 'girl next door'. When I'm not immersed in my coaching world I can be found on adventure with my family, in the barn with our horses or burying my toes in the sand. Integrating what I believe in every single area of my life, I do not try to balance the mythical scales so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even. Rather, I trying to understand this: Accurately assessing the nature of [one's] own personalities, sense of self-identity, and the degree of control over work and family lives is crucial to finding satisfaction. Balance is not the goal, a healthy prioritized integration is. My work has been a warm welcome into many busy lives and is offered as a structured one on one program, workshops and educational sessions on a consulting basis, talking about how to successfully identify and reach goals by strategically gaining clarity. Currently I'm passionately working on integrating generations in today's workforce; creating a business culture where talent is retained and can thrive, not only Millennial talent but all talent throughout the organization! As your strategist, I am driven by your results and your success!


  • Mark Bowness says:

    Great post and site. Awareness of these human needs is so important as everything that we do comes back to one or the other. Once we start to understand how these needs drive our behaviours, habits ad ultimately our lives we can bring about serious change. Love it.

  • I remember the first time i heard this, it shifted everything. understanding that at the core every action is driven to meet these needs, is gold. Love the awareness that you are bringing with this blog!

  • Tonia says:

    Our ‘best self’ is something we are all capable of. Thanks for the reminder.

  • zoe B says:

    Ah I love these basic needs. I see uncertainty cropping up time and time again with my coaching clients. The better our relationship with uncertainty – the easier it is to move forward and achieve our wildest dreams! Thanks for reminding me of these needs :)

  • Jamie says:

    Awesome stuff! So simple and such a good reminder of how important this is sometimes!

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