Don’t discard a moment

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A while back I participated in a photo shoot for a project my very talented friend and photographer is working on. She is putting together a book of women from various walks of life pictured doing something that represents ‘her’ interests, values, profession or passion. Along with the photos, I was asked to write something that reflects “me” which prompted the following snippet below. I wanted to share it with you and I’d love to encourage you to do the same. I like to stop and reflect, it works a little bit like a check-and-balance, a reminder of what I value and then I take a look at to see if it is indeed how I LIVE my life… If your check-and-balance doesn’t feel in sync, I’d be happy to chat with you to see how you can reach your goals, find your spark and passion ~ your ultimate state of being YOU! (You know where to find me šŸ˜‰ )

“To me, beauty lies in the opportunities we seize: Letting go, giving of one self and being open to new experiences, people, places and feelings. I am a free spirit, I am nurturing, resourceful and daring. I am adventurous with an abundance of creative fire and a need for excitement, finding different ways to widen my horizons and fulfill my dreams. There is no secret that I need a great deal of personal freedom and is happiest in a relationship with a partner who is willing to allow the Centaur the room I need to move and roam. I treasure my solitude, adore my loved ones and am forever grateful to the people who have influenced me to become who I am, my friends, my family and all the wonderful people I have met, Iā€™m surrounded by and future meetings. No matter the encounter, the influence, we learn something new; whether it be enriching, memorable, negative or something about ourselves to how we reacted. Don’t discard a moment.”

About Inspiring Result

I am a thought leader who want to live in a world where people feel excited about doing what they choose to do, fulfilled and in a place where there is room to reach the level of success desired; enjoy laughter, loved ones and fulfilling conversations. I am a Success Coach, with close to two decades of experience with a background in traditional counseling, Sport Psychology and a degree in Strategic Interventions from Robbins-Madenas Training Center. I've been applauded for my straight forward, warm approach working with a range of clients from many high profile regulars, organizations to the 'girl next door'. When I'm not immersed in my coaching world I can be found on adventure with my family, in the barn with our horses or burying my toes in the sand. Integrating what I believe in every single area of my life, I do not try to balance the mythical scales so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even. Rather, I trying to understand this: Accurately assessing the nature of [one's] own personalities, sense of self-identity, and the degree of control over work and family lives is crucial to finding satisfaction. Balance is not the goal, a healthy prioritized integration is. My work has been a warm welcome into many busy lives and is offered as a structured one on one program, workshops and educational sessions on a consulting basis, talking about how to successfully identify and reach goals by strategically gaining clarity. Currently I'm passionately working on integrating generations in today's workforce; creating a business culture where talent is retained and can thrive, not only Millennial talent but all talent throughout the organization! As your strategist, I am driven by your results and your success!


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