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So over the years the thought have crossed my mind, more than once…As a matter a fact, quite often it has hit me that I should start blogging. Ok, I even admit that at one point I thought to myself, this whole blogging thing must be coming passé, why start now?

Well, what made me sit down today was because I read an article that hit home, something that I thought was really honorable in the world of relationships ~ My world!!!

I don’t typically walk around spending too much time thinking about celebrities, I never had a celebrity crush growing up (maybe one or two ever so briefly), if anything there are people in the limelight that I really admire for their craft and humanitarian work and they get my attention. The celebrity couple of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin is one couple that I have admired, they are up there in my “celebrity royalty category” that I have created. Well, today I read that they are splitting and what got my attention is the term used, “Conscious Uncoupling” instead of divorce. Gwyneth goes on describing the concept as a way for individuals to separate while still appreciating and honoring their partner and the relationship they shared together. I think it is both brilliant and beautiful.

I believe in working on a relationship. I think all relationships need attention, constant development, a solid ear and understanding and loads of respect between partners. I believe in doing what it takes to strengthen communication and keeping the spark alive, sometimes re-igniting the spark. Having said all this, there are certainly times when it is over and it is time to move on. When all attempts of true happiness together has been exhausted, parting ways in a civil fashion is the right thing to do. We all deserve to feel loved and to truly love! If there are children involved, I think it is a must to take our adult differences aside and to work out the parting in an amicable way. Remember that you once chose your partner and you chose to build a family with this person – Don’t be a hater!

While this is a new term that has been coined – today – I think that many of us can agree that it is indicative of the way many couples now approach divorce. Instead of lengthy court battles and name calling, both partners strive to be as affable and communicative as possible during and beyond the split. I think this is more common when the relationship has fizzled out over time, where there isn’t resentment and fingers being pointed in the blame game. When the emotions and heated discussions can be left out of the separation, each individual can part in the most respectful way possible.

When this is the case, “Conscious Uncoupling” is an idea that is certainly in the best interest of all involved and if it will become an “a new movement”, I certainly hope it will rub off on other couples heading the same way…

So cheers!

Here’s to me taking the plunge in the blog pool, it was about time to get my hair wet.

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  • U go Char!!! so glad you’ve dived in- i’m behind everything u do- LOVE. no conscious uncoupling going on!! xoxoxo

  • Maggie Q says:

    Love it, absolutely agree. All relationships need a little TLC now and then. Congrats on the blog, Can’t wait to read more!

  • Josie Hauer says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    So glad to see you letting your thoughts out to seed all of our thinking and creativity. Here’s a resource on the topic you mention called, ” Should I Keep Trying to Work It Out?” A Guidebook for couples and individuals on the brink of divorce (and before). Very sensitively and practically constructed with helpful exercises, reflections and it covers a range of related impacts of the big decision.


  • Larbi says:

    I think lots of marriage fail bsecuae couples think once they become marride, they do not have to do or continue to do the basic things that created the relationship in the beginning that brought them together.once they get marride and settle down, they start to take each other for granted(they become complacent).They start to disrespect each other, they do not communicute anymore, bsecuae they think now that they are married they’re in it for life and that their partner will stay but what they do not realise is that people have feelings and emotions and if peoples are not getting love and attention on a regular basic instead, they are getting abuse, being taken for granted, no communication etc they will no longer see the need to be with that person. couples MUST continue to show love,respect,loyalty to each other in marriage the same way they would show these things when they were going through the dating or courtship process. I know its hard but that is what it take.We have to work hard to maintain a marriage the same way we work hard to win someone heart in the beginning.

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