Bubble Bath for the Busy Soul

A mini program to soak in ways for you to create the personal space you need to thrive.


I am so glad to see you are doing this for yourself! This is an introduction leading up to my exclusive program starting in 2015

-  Clairity, Success and room for Passion

Bubble Bath for the Busy Soul is a free 5 day mini program to soak in ways for you to create the space you need to thrive; to effectively structure your life, prioritize the things that truly matter and in such, make more room for YOU. This will be online, you don't have to be there on time but do make sure to join in and get involved to get the benefits. Key here is that you can do this when YOUR time allows. No pressure (you don't need more of that!), only gain and remember, sharing is caring... If you know someone who could benefit, please let them know where to turn!

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  • Monday, 27th October
  • NYC 9 am
  • Stockholm 3 pm
  • Singapore 9 pm

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