Training Objective

• Engage millennials from Day 1 by promoting your commitment to their career development.
• Define expectations so that there are no misunderstandings about what you need and want.
• Enhance your on-boarding process by engaging all staff members and making sure their attitudes toward new hires are where they need to be.
• Find out what drives millennials and makes them want to put forth their best efforts.
• Utilize a management structure that is “circular” rather than “hierarchical.”
• Quickly bring millennials into the cultural fold by giving them structure and helping them become self-sufficient.
• Appeal to their values and motivators by demonstrating your willingness to listen to their ideas.

The Millennial Project

The majority of recent Millennial graduates, as revealed by a 2014 Bentley University study, gave themselves a C- when it came to their level of preparedness for the workforce. A lot of people from this big generation, which is estimated to be 75% of the global workforce by 2025, are reaching your organization lacking the knowledge, skills and cultural awareness that they need to be successful in the long and short term. We must begin the process of onboarding and getting these new employees indoctrinated into our cultures when they reach our corporate doors. However, are we doing it well? Are we reaching to this generation, who would be critical to our success?

They have been called unique, lazy, highly intelligent, part of the “Trophy Generation” and more. Whatever your thoughts and opinions about this younger population, they are here to stay and they will definitely impact your bottom line. No generation is better or worse than the others, they are just different. In the Millennial project you will learn how to get millennial employees off to a great start; integrating the talent and experience of various generations. Currently we are looking at at least three generations operating within today’s organizations globally, it is imperative to understand how to create a business culture where all understand the various mindsets and can thrive from strong values and goals of the company!

This goal oriented program on how to integrate the generations currently active in the workforce, will teach you how to successfully lead a team of millennials, including adjustments to the hiring process, attracting new talent and retaining the existent talent.

Millennials are inheriting the world’s workforce whether we like it or not. Introducing the Millennial Project to your organization will help you integrate millennials into a multi-generational workforce by providing millennials with a framework for what you expect and need. Millennial employees might not fit the preconceived profile of an employee, but you can make them your greatest assets by nurturing the right aspects of their skills – Can you afford to not get on board?

Who should attend

* Any organization/corporation who care about creating a successful culture which lends itself to successful mergers, increased bottom line, a healthy work environment and to further enhance communication, engaging and building relationships with their employees.
* HR professionals from all organizations and levels as well as managers, supervisors, team leaders and executives that have responsibilities for leading a team of one or more people.